Assignment 2 – post tutor feedback reflection

I found this assignment very challenging and although the feedback from my tutor was valid, I decided not to re-shoot the assignment. This was partly as I felt that if I followed the feedback I would be trying to shoot someone else’s assignment and in part because I had intended to start again from scratch with a different subject. In the end I did neither partly due to the amount of time I spend re-working assignment four and also because of family commitments.

I think what I learned from this assignment is that I struggle with abstract concepts and more importantly that I need to find a more effective way of over-coming my reluctance to engage when presented with this type of assignment in future. I realise now that with this assignment I should have approached other people for advice and input and that this would not have been a failure on my part but rather a different way of working. My tendency is to think that I need to have complete ownership of my assignments but I recognise now that when I am struggling it is better to ask for help and suggestions from my family or other students rather than running with an idea that I do not feel completely confident about.

I think that I could have been applied the advice given in one of the hangouts recently about techniques to overcome creative block, namely, to go and take pictures of anything, to use different equipment or techniques. I think with this assignment I got so bogged down in the thought process that I did not pick up my camera and try things. Whilst there is no guarantee that it would have resulted in a better outcome, I think it would have helped make the assignment less abstract and more tangible.

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