Assignment 5 – Making it up

After a bit of a hiatus, a damp but very enjoyable two weeks in France, I have visted my father to get hold of the objects I want to photograph for this assignment. Unsuprisingly many of the items I was hoping to use were nowhere to be found, despite trawling through drawers and boxes they seem to have disappeared. However, I have managed to get hold of several items that I instinctively associate with my mother even if I had not thought of them originally.

Whilst I have an outline of how I want to use focus and exposure to reflect the my memories of my mother and how her personality disappeared as her Alzheimer’s advanced, I am usure of how I use the objects themselves. From a practical point of view I need to consider the size and shape of the items, which vary in size from cake decorations to a knitting needle case, but also if I want to use single arrangement or change the position of the items in each shot. At this stage I am minded to rearrange the items but will need to do some experimentation. I am hoping to take some text shots during the week before with the aim of working on the final images next weekend.

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