Assignment 3 – Putting yourself in the picture

Drawing upon the examples in Part Three and your own research, you can approach your self-portraits however you see fit. You may choose to explore your identity or masquerade as someone else, or use empty locations or objects to speak of your experiences. However you choose to approach it, use yourself – directly or indirectly – as subject matter.

Keep a diary for a set period of time (at least two weeks). Each day write two or three pages about yourself – what you’ve been doing/thinking. This can be as specific or poetic as you wish. You may wish to pick a theme for the duration. This is an open brief designed to give you freedom to create something personal which suits you best. Use the artists you’ve looked at in Part Three or your own research for inspiration.

After receiving my feedback for assignment two I feel uncertain about why I am doing this course and quite demotivated. However, I have my next tutorial scheduled for three weeks time and so I need to park my thoughts about re-working assignment two and instead start focusing on the next assignment, self-portraiture. I am part way through my second attempt at diary (not dairy!) keeping and whilst I have been more open that I was in my first attempt I do not think that there is hidden within it is some inspirational idea. Instead what I have decided is to do research around the idea of self and to see if that will provide me with a way forward. At this stage I think the one of the main challenges is to decide whether to put myself in the image or to go down the route of self-absented portraiture. From a technical persepective the self-absented portraiture route seems more straight-forward, however, I think having done some reading about the history of self-portaiture I feel more inclined to put myself in the picture, or at least some of them. The other challenges are to decide what elements of myself that I want to represent and most importantly how do do so creatively.

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