Assignment 1 – Tutor feedback

My feedback for assignment one can be read here I thought that the feedback was fair and that the point about the resdient images being too homogenised was something that I had not realised prior to submission. I have decided to change two of the images, convenience store and Sunday morning rowing. Looking again at the set I think that these are the weakest images and I intend to replace them with images that high-light some of the issues that Cambridge residents experience. Continue reading Assignment 1 – Tutor feedback

Assignment 1 – Two sides of the story – reflection

Having looked at the images I took and having an idea in my mind of what I was hoping to achieve I found that I was not clear on what the story is. Put simply I think it could be titled ‘Two views of Cambridge’ an attempt to show the city from the perspective of a tourist and a resident, however, I recognise that there is a problem with this as only half the images can be thought of as authentic, those I have taken as resident, the others are my interpretation of what a visitor to the city would … Continue reading Assignment 1 – Two sides of the story – reflection

Assignment 1 – Two sides of the story

Because of its proximity to London, its university and its relatively compact size, Cambridge is a major tourist destination for overseas visitors. A Guardian article from October 2018 put the number of visitors at 8.1 million a massive number compared to the 125,000 residents. This huge influx of visitors contributes £835 million to the local economy and accounts for 22% of jobs but over 80% of the visitors are day trippers sometimes staying for as little as 2 or 3 hours. Given the limited number of images available in this exercise and using the 2 – 3 hours as a … Continue reading Assignment 1 – Two sides of the story

Assignment 1 – revised approach

After trying some initial test shots I have decided to revise my approach to this assignment. Whilst taking some pictures around New Year, I was struck by the number of tourists taking pictures of and selfies in front of the famous sites in Cambridge and that some were even brave enough to go punting in January, so I have decided to portray Cambridge from the perspective of a tourist and a resident. My main reasons for changing from the other approaches I had identified was that I was concerned that there would be a lack of variety in the images … Continue reading Assignment 1 – revised approach

Assignment 1 – initial thoughts

Create at least two sets of photographs telling different versions of the same story. The aim of the assignment is to help you explore the convincing nature of documentary, even though what the viewer thinks they see may not in fact be true. Try to make both sets equally convincing so that it’s impossible to tell which version of the images is ‘true’. As with many of the assignments I find it difficult to think of a subject that appeals to me, that could be visually engaging and meets the criteria set out in the brief. My initial thoughts are … Continue reading Assignment 1 – initial thoughts