Exercise 2.4 – Photographing the unseen (P.68)

Which of these projects resonates most with you, and why?

The project that resonates most with me is Jodie Taylor’s Memories of Childhood; the reason for this is simply that it is a situation I can relate to. Whilst the few images I was able to view do not directly reflect places from my childhood, they do evoke a feeling of a place and time that I can identify with. Peter Mansell’s My Space, chronicling the impact in his life of his spinal injury and Dewald Botha’s Ring Road, showing his life as an outsider, whilst both interesting show situations that I do not have personal experience of and so they do not resonate in the same way.

How do you feel about the loss of authorial control that comes when the viewer projects their own experiences and emotions onto the images you have created?

I have never thought about authorial control until this exercise, still less about the loss of it. I think that in producing work for others to view I recognise that I will lose authorial control and that if that is not an issue for me. Although I take photographs to fulfill a personal desire to try to be creative, part of wanting to take pictures is to share them with others and in doing so recognise that they will not view them in the same way: the viewer can, and will, interpret images in a different way to me as the photographer.

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