Assignment 5 – Making it up – reflection

Although I am pleased with the end result, the process of getting to it was frustrating.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

  • Materials – Depending on the feedback from my tutor, I will print this image and submit it for assessment next month.


  • As in assignment three, I used an off-camera flash to light the image as the available light in the room was poor. My main objective was to achieve an even soft light with minimal shadows and I feel I have achieved that.

Observational skills, visual awareness, design & compositional skills –

  • I had a broad idea of how I wanted the image to look before I started and once I was in the room I realised I would have to use my widest lens due to the small distance from my shooting position to the subject. I moved some of the furniture in the room around to simplify the image and I checked to make sure that background elements such as paintings were removed if they could not be viewed complete in the final image. I did not need to direct my father as I wanted him to be as natural as possible. I shot images with him holding and not holding a cup and decided his posture was more natural with one.

Quality of outcome

Content, application of knowledge, presentation, discernment, conceptualisation, communication of ideas –

  • The final image does not meet my initial concept although it does deal with the same subject. I do not think this is an issue as I believe the my initial concept has evolved into something stronger and more coherent.
  • I believe the image does convey the idea of loss which is what I was trying to achieve.
  • I did not do any significant research for this assignment as I knew the subject matter I wanted to deal with and as it was so personal I wanted to create an image that was a reflection of my feelings and not influenced by looking at other pracitioners’ work.

Demonstration of creativity

Imagination, experimentation & invention –

  • I think this assignment has involved a fair amount of experimentation including looking at an alternative idea and making a Johnsonesque model bus from a cardboard box. However, in the end the image did not need a great deal of invention but rather some thought about what elements to include and where to position them.

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