Exercise 3.3 – Masquerades (P.82) – updated

I was looking at some of the images I initially discarded, because they were under exposed, and decided that I liked the simplicity and ambiguity of the layout. Like the other images I shot, to fully understand the narrative there needs to be some text to provide context, however, what I like about this image is that it is obviously not a lifestyle shot. The absence of the glass of orange squash, the exposure and the angle from which the photograph is taken simplify the image leaving the viewer to contemplate the relationship between the bowl of custard and the bottle of tomato ketchup.

Custard & Tomato Sauce – V
Custard & Tomato Sauce – VI

The second image was taken from the same position at the same exposure and processed in the same way, the only change is in the focus point. The small shift in the focus point, from the custard to the rim of the bowl at about 11 o’clock, has resulted in a subtle change of emphasis in the photo with the out of focus area at the bottom of the bowl being much greater and the text on the sauce bottle being much clearer.

I think there is an opportunity to reshoot and refine the above images. From a technical perspective I want to look at look at an alternative surface to shoot on as the weave of the fabric I used is too visible. I also need to think more carefully about where I put the focus point in the frame and what aperture to use. The other change I want to make is the placement of the elements within the frame. I think placing the spoon to the right hand side of the bowl and the ketchup bottle to the left may improve the balance of the image and make the relationship between the two main elements stronger.

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