Assignment 2 – Photographing the Unseen – hiatus

It has been about a month and half since started thinking about possible subjects to photograph for this assignment and in that time I’ve made no progress. Instead I’ve been working through exercises and taking photographs not related to the course but much of this has been displacement activity. After much toing and froing I have decided to look at two options, electricity and faith.

My reason for looking at two options is purely practical, given the length of time I have spent prevaricating I wanted a subject that I could complete relatively quickly which is one of the main reasons for choosing electricity, however, I’m not totally convinced that it meets the brief. On the other hand faith I think is something more in keeping with the spirit of the assigment but I’m not sure how receptive places of worhip will be to a stranger wanting to photograph worshippers. Because of this I think this subject, if it is possible, will take longer.

I think this assignment has high-lighted an area that I find very difficult, namely creativity. I think I have been over-thinking this assignment, trying to think of a subject that was profound when I think I should have been more decisive about the subject and given a lot of thought to how I photograph it.

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