Exercise 3.3 – Masquerades (P.82) – updated

I re-shot the image to address the deficencies that I had identified in my previous attempt. The main changes were to move from a portrait to a landscape image and to re-position the elements within the frame, moving the sauce bottle to the left of the bowl and the spoon to the right. As I used the same sauce bottle as when I previously shot the images back in April, the sauce bottle is not full and it has the characteristic gunge around the top. To high-light this I removed the cap.

I shot the image using a speedlight shot into a softbox placed in front of the camera in order to give an even light. I am not totally happy with the lighting, ideally I would have had two lights placed either side of the image to ensure the lighting was even across the background. However, the image has the essential elements of the scene as I remember it, the custard, a willow pattern bowl and tomato sauce.

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