Exercise 2.4 – Photographing the unseen (P.68)

Which of these projects resonates most with you, and why? The project that resonates most with me is Jodie Taylor’s Memories of Childhood; the reason for this is simply that it is a situation I can relate to. Whilst the few images I was able to view do not directly reflect places from my childhood, they do evoke a feeling of a place and time that I can identify with. Peter Mansell’s My Space, chronicling the impact in his life of his spinal injury and Dewald Botha’s Ring Road, showing his life as an outsider, whilst both interesting show situations … Continue reading Exercise 2.4 – Photographing the unseen (P.68)

Exercise 2.3 – Image and text – Poem (P.60)

Choose a poem that resonates with you then interpret it through photographs. Don’t attempt to describe the poem but instead give a sense of the feeling of the poem and the essence it exudes. I was initially quite daunted by this exercise as my knowledge of poetry is very limited and I also find that I naturally tend to interpret concepts in literal rather than metaphorical terms. Despite this I started looking for a poem that resonated with me. Looking at various poetry sites there are lots of poems about loss, longing and death, however, I wanted to find a … Continue reading Exercise 2.3 – Image and text – Poem (P.60)

Exercise 2.2 – Image and text (P.55)

Cut out some pictures from a newspaper and write your own captions. • How do the words you put next to the image contextualise/re-contextualise it? • How many meanings can you give to the same picture? Try the same exercise for both anchoring and relaying. In China, they’re closing churches, jailing pastors – and even rewriting scripture This is the original headline from the article which the picture accompanied. Elsewhere in the paper there was a report of the first decline in car sales in China for 20 years. With this in mind I thought the of changing the headline … Continue reading Exercise 2.2 – Image and text (P.55)

Exercise 2.1 – Telling a story – The Dad Project (P.51)

How does Bryony Campbell’s The Dad Project compare with Country Doctor? Briony Campbell’s The Dad Project is a photo essay that chronicles her father’s death from cancer. The work was made with her father’s input and is semi-autobiographical as Campbell herself features in some of the images. On Campbell’s website the images are accompanied with text and there is also a ten minute video featuring interviews with Campbell’s father. The Country Doctor was a photo essay shot by W. Eugene Smith that appeared in LIFE magazine in 1948. The photographs were of Dr. Ernest Ceriani, the GP to the 2,000 residents of Kremmling, … Continue reading Exercise 2.1 – Telling a story – The Dad Project (P.51)