Assignment 5 – Making it up

Construct a stand-alone image of your choice. Alternatively, you may choose to make a series, elaborating on the same theme.

Having struggled with assignment four, and with the re-work of this still outstanding, I am starting to think of what to photograph for assignment five with a degree of trepidation. Although I have enjoyed looking at the work of the photographers in this unit I feel that in the main they are artists who use the medium of photography to express themselves, whilst I see photography more as a way of recording the world around me.

At this stage there are two areas that I think mght be with pursuing, Brexit and absence. I am a Brexit obsessive and I think there are a lot of themes that it has thrown up that it might be possible to explore e.g. division, deceit, national identity, English nationalism etcetera, however, what I am finding difficult at the moment is how to turn these themes into something that I can photographer.

The idea of absence is based on my mother who died recently after suffering from Alzheimer’s for over ten years. For much of the last ten years she was both present and absent and I want to try exploring how somebody fades from your life as dementia robs them of their personality.

My task now is to see if I can develop these vague concepts into somehting more tangible that I can photograph’ and if not then to come up with some other ideas

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