Assignment 5 – Making it up – tutor feedback

My feedback for assignment five can be read here.

My conversation with Andrew was very useful and the main point he made in our discussion and in the written feedback about the image be too busy was obvious as soon as he mentioned it. However, I also found the feedback frustrating as it is similar to the feedback I received for assignment three about the need for me to edit my work more rigorously, something that I am obviously not doing well. I spent a lot of time on this assignment developing ideas that I was not happy with and so did not leave myself much time to create the final image which I think contributed in part to me ‘throwing everything at it’.

When creating the image I submitted I had a fixed idea of how I wanted it to look and once I had photographed the scene I did not experiment. This lack of experimentation is something I need to work on on future assignments, as once Andrew raised the issue, it was obvious to me how I could have shot the image to make the narrative more subtle and it would have been easy to achieve.

I intend to re-shoot this assignment and submit a revised image for assessment.

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