Assessment results

My assessment results arrived yesterday and I received an overall mark of 57. I was slightly disappointed with the mark as it was less than the 65 I achieved for EYV, however, I think it is an accurate reflection of my work on this module.

I found C&N more challenging than Expressing Your Vision and I struggled with assignments two and four in particular. My decision not to re-shoot assignment two I think contributed to the lower mark but this was a pragmatic decison on my part, I felt I had done enough to pass the module and given the changes to the time allowed to complete courses, I decided to start my next course before the new regulations came into effect at the start of 2020 rather than spend time re-shooting the assignment.

I found the comments on the mark sheet very helpful and will try and incorporate the suggestions in my future exercises and assignments:

Overall Comments and Feed Forward
Your final image for the final assignment marks a breakthrough in how you’re conceptualising your work and how the photographic image can function for you.
In the background of the previous assignments there’s been a pull toward the didactic and the construction of imagery to that intent.
The photographic image is much more powerful when operating as ambiguous metaphor. Where there are loose ends in the image for the viewer to tug at in creating their own narrative from the image presented to them.
The original version of your image was overloaded with ‘clues’ in an attempt to make sure you owned the meaning, creating ‘air’ in the image to allow the audience to find the narrative has resulted in your most successful and resonant image of the submission.
It’s powered by an authentic emotion that’s a commonality of experience amongst the potential audience.
Developing a ‘voice’ is about finding a wellspring for your work inside yourself. If it’s personally meaningful to you it will find a sympathetic audience without corralling them.
Carry this approach forward to your future work and investigate the potential of each assignment in a period of tangential experiment and see what develops out of that in response rather than imposing an early pre visualised solution.

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