Assignment 3 – Putting yourself in the picture – tutor feedback

Feedback for assignment four can be read here.

I found the feedback session very useful as it high-lighted a some areas that I have overlooked when submitting my assignments and I think there are two key learnings to take from it. The first learning is to know when to stop and the second to think more about how I present my assignments.

Although I started the assignment in a negative frame of mind and did not enjoy the diary keeping element of it, when it came to producing and image I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to produce, this was a side lit portrait with half my face visisble and the rest in shadow. Whilst creating this image and after looking at other blogs I created some other images that I thought represented my theme about holding back. At no stage did I consider what, if anything, these added to the original concept and in the end I included them without thinking about whether or not they added to the original idea or detracted from it. In our Skype call my tutor suggested that the other images did not add anything and for assessment he recommended just submitting a single image. His feedback was spot on and looking back I should have had the courage of my convictions and only presented my original concept. Our discussion about the need for clarity of concept and editing was very useful and something I hope I will be more mindful of in future.

The second element we discussed that again I had not though of was about how I label images. My labelling is fairly generic and usually is just a description of the images so that it is easy to identify. My tutor high-lighted that the text accompanying an image is part of the image and so I need to think more about what text I use and if it is necessary to includ any at all. Again I found this really useful advice and I recognise that I have a tendency to think the image is complete once I have done any post-processing and that any text I add it very much and afterthough.

Following the feedback I will be submitting just a single image for assessment and at this stage I am undecided about whether or not to include text. In doing so I am aware that there is a need to think carefully about what I submit for assignment five as this is usually a single image. At this stage I have not decided on a what to do for assignment five but I think I need to look at narratives that would be suited to two or possibly three images.

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