Street photography

Having looked at the work of some of the well-known names in street photography, I tried to find some contemporary photographers, however, a search for ‘20108 street photography’ returned just under 3.9 billion results! After a bit more searching I found several sites that showcased the work of current street photographers including , and .

Looking at these sites I found several photographers whose work I liked, the first of these being Stephen Leslie. Leslie is a British photogrpaher who works mainly in colour and his work is very reminiscent of Martin Parr.

© Stephen Leslie

Eleonore Simon is a French-American photographer and is one of the team behind the website The work on Simon’s website is all black & white and often shot in strong sunlight resulting in images with high levels of contrast. The work on her website, often features one or two people and has a strong graphic element through her use of shadows.

© Eleonore Simon

Enrico Essl is an Autrian street photographer based in Linz. His images are shot in colour sometimes featuring individuals or small groups oftern with the heads or faces obscured or deliberate outside the frame. I think a lot of his images convey the sense of lonliness and isolation that people can feel when living in a city or urban environment which he communicates though the lack of facial expressions and also by using shadows of people. I think his use of colour gives his images vibrancy and energy which engages the viewer drawing them into teh image.

© Enrico Essl


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